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BE A VOLUNTEER! We couldn't survive without our volunteers. Volunteers help in many critical ways, including.....

Your support can make a world of difference to a child, as it did for the young woman who recently wrote to us:

"I'm one of your 'kids' mentored from your program. I'm 29 now but about 20 years ago I was paired up with this wonderful person who impacted my life and made a difference more than she will ever know. I would be grateful if you could contact my mentor… simply tell her I changed my life around completely. She was that positive and caring person that a child in my shoes needed just at that time in my life." –DWS


When possible, CCT provides a caring adult volunteer for each child. Volunteers are asked to complete three hours of training, a volunteer application, criminal history check and personal interview.  Volunteers commit to 2-4 hours a week for one year with a young person. Learn more on our Mentoring page.


Chatham County Together! recruits and places tutors to work one-on-one with students throughout the county. We act as a liason between the school system and the student, and support both tutor and student while achieving academic success.

Juvenile Community Service and Restitution

Chatham County Together!'s numerous  community connections provide us with creative ways to match juveniles with work service supervisors and work sites that will widen a youth's education/social horizons and could possibly increase their options for entry into the adult working world later. Volunteers are needed to help supervise youth completing their assignments or provide transportation to their community service site. Please contact for more information.

Teen Court

Chatham County Together! Teen Court is a program that gives first-time offenders a chance to learn the judicial process. Teen volunteers act as Attorneys, Baliffs, Clerks and Jurors during the trial. The only participating adult is the judge, who is a licensed Attorney or actual presiding Judge. Volunteers are needed to partake in the program. Adults and students (middle school and older) are encouraged to participate. Please contact for more information.

Board of Directors

Board members serve a three-year term, meeting once a month to discuss organizational practices, financial obligations, and strategic planning. Board members also represent CCT! at public events as speakers, promoters and fundraisers. BOD's serve on various committees and drive the implementation of our new strategic plan. Experienced financial advisors, entrepeneurs, movers and shakers are needed now! We are a diverse and fun group of people who believe in the mission: MENTORING MAKES A DIFFERENCE!


Chatham County Together! needs experienced fundraising help more than ever. Coordinate our Fall Appeal Campaign,host a fundraising House Party, lend a hand during our winter and spring fundraisers: Tapas and Tunes and the Annual Lobster Sale. Promotion, donor management, event management...your ideas and energy are welcome!