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Graduation Project CCTCCT - mentoringkim at CCT office

About CCT!

Mission Statement:

Mentor and guide children and youth to help them reach their full potential and become healthy, positive members of their communities.

      Mentoring makes a Difference

CCT! was founded in 1989 by a group of dedicated people who worked in the schools, the courts and in the community. They were concerned about the lack of services for young people, especially those who were more likely to fail in school, get in trouble with the law, have unintended adolescent pregnancies or other difficulties. They wanted to do something to help improve the lives of these children and adolescents, prevent problems and help them reach their full potential. At first, a small group pooled their money to rent a post office box and obtained a modest seed grant to launch a mentoring program. Now, twenty two years later, we are gratified that our programs and services have served over two thousand young people and their families through mentoring and other supportive services including:

  • Mentoring: young people are matched one on one with caring, adult, volunteers.
  • Tutoring: students who need academic support are matched with volunteers, who may tutor on site at school or in the community.
  • Family Advocacy: staff works with young people and families referred by the Office of Juvenile Services to learn valuable skills to have improved outcomes in school, at home and in the community.
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention: staff provides valuable information and teaches skills to parents so they learn to communicate effectively with their adolescents about risk taking behaviors.
  • Guided Growth: youth on waiting list for a volunteer participate in a variety of activities that includes field trips, art workshops, community service, and dance classes.
  • Drop Out Prevention (no longer funded): staff works with students, schools and families to improve grades, assist with college applications, increase attendance and attitudes about school. Also provides links to internships, apprenticeships and job placement.
  • Chatham New School (no longer funded): an alternative education program for long term suspended students from Chatham County Schools.
  • Home Based Services, Family Support Services (no longer funded): staff provided intensive services in homes of young people.

Today, the seven-member CCT! staff calls Siler City home, but the services remain county-wide and extend into the far corners of Chatham. All CCT! services adhere to “best practice” standards and are recognized by local social, educational and judicial service providers as being vital to the citizens and youth in Chatham County. Chatham County Together! still believes Mentoring makes a Difference and will continue reaching out to one child at a time.